Buy an artificial Christmas tree

Buy an artificial Christmas tree

Buy an artificial Christmas tree

Artificial Tree Green is designed for installation on the street as a festive decoration Christmas holidays.
Tree is prefabricated structure, which consists of a collapsible bases - "frog", collapsible frame - "trunk" branches artificial needles (needles film, needles, fishing line).

The barrel is made of metal of steel tubes of various diameters and lengths. Due to different diameter pipes inserted into each other and fixed locking bolts. Horizontal branch of the trunk (up to and including the fifteenth tier) made with the receiving hole (tube diameter of 10 or 15mm) for fastening the branches of artificial needles.
Branch of artificial needles made of steel wire GOST 3282-74 UC and film (or veins) general purpose PVC.
Basis (spider) consists of a central part in the form of steel pipe - "missiles", which is inserted into the barrel, and metal "paws" in the amount of five pieces. Each "foot" is a team of two trusses made of steel angle. "Paws" are attached to the "rocket" with bolts.

4. Transport and storage regulations TREE
Branches with artificial pine needles are transported in cartons of 4, 5-layered boxes. Structural elements of the framework are transported packed in stretch.
In the off-season artificial Christmas tree should be stored in a covered ventilated area, out of direct sunlight.

Work on installation of Christmas trees are held in accordance with the "Rules of occupational safety when working at height" approved by the order of 27.03.2007 № 62 of the State Committee of Ukraine for Industrial Safety, Labour Protection and Mining Supervision (Registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for the June 4, 2007 N 573 / 13840).

6. INSTALLATION AND ASSEMBLY artificial Christmas trees.
Collection of trees held in the following stages:

1. Assemble the twins 'legs' basis (numbering 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5).
2. Attach them to the ground, are also based on the number of fast gathering tree.
3. For each "leg" is put ballast (usually concrete blocks). To secure the ballast kit includes two pieces. jumpers on each "leg".
4. In the framework of smaller diameter is inserted into the barrel by barrel clamps secured.
5. After installing the barrel attached "slanted number 1", which consists of several elements, which are inserted into each other and fixed with cable ties to the trunk.
6. A skipping rope fastenings, which on one hand is attached to the top of the other to the "legs" spider.
7. After assembling the metal structure established branches.
8. The branches are loosened on the ground, and then set on the tree under the scheme of the assembly. Assembling the tree along the branches from top to bottom, with the tiers according to the scheme.

Maintenance is conducted annually prior to installation. When visually inspecting the quality of welds and joints worn bolt-nut. In case of problems get advice on their removal from the experts TM "Yalinka."

Scope of delivery is determined by the specification of the treaty.

Trademarks "Yalinka" guarantees 6 months of operation of artificial Christmas trees, provided its installation specialists of the enterprise or of the construction supervision.