Interior firs and pines

Artificial Christmas trees


Our company TM Yalunka offers interior firs and pines - one of variety artificial Christmas trees, height from 3 to 8 metres. The peculiarities of our fir trees are lightweight and improved frame. The absence of effects of wind and snow loads allows safety use  в enclosed rooms (entertainment centers, schools, kindergartens,supermarkets, churchs, houses of culture, city councils. administrations and others places). Company TM Yalunka supported by numerous environmental organizations and "A perty of greens", because the day before holidays the big problem  became mass uncontrolled felling of coniferous trees. At the end 2008 year Ukrainian church supporred nature conservation organization and called on people don`t buy alive christmas tree, and used altitude christmas tree, because trees growen up about many years. Artificial Christmas trees are much more profitable than aliveThe interiors artificial Christmas trees that we offer are of high quality and durability. Artificial interiors Christmas tree you will buy only once for many years. Artificial interiors Christmas tree  have better view tham alive, they are more lush, have more neat forms and allow forget about rubbish.

Buy artificial Christmas tree and make Christmas holidays without hurt nature