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If you want to buy more street trees in Ukraine, then you came to the right, you only need to write to us by mail or call the information is in the contact section and in the near future you can buy a real street tree of any height. construction and lighting.

Large street Christmas trees barreled

Most street Сhristmas tree - a metal shaft in the form of pipes of different diameters and lengths. Different diameter pipes allows you to embed them in turn one into the other and snap fixing bolts, which in turn strengthens the skeleton better tree. On the barrel tubes to the corresponding tier devices placed in the form of steel tubes with a diameter of 10mm, which are welded by electric welding. These holes are for fixing artificial branches with needles. Firs are made according to the working draft RP number 676: 2010. Buy a large tree can be right now by calling specified in the contact section.

Print price on street trees  
Urban tree in
height of 12m  
Artificial Tree in 
town Borispil,
height of 14 m
Christmas tree 
town Dnipropetrovsk,
heigh of 15 m
Tree on the central  
Square  Zhitomir,
height of 18 m
большие уличные елки большие уличные елки большие уличные елки большие уличные елки
Tree from the manufacturer  
stands in the city of Nikolaev,
height of 19 m
Home town Christmas tree  
Ternopil, height 19 m
In the city of Brest, Belarus  
established tree  
height of 19 m
City Zhitomir bought  
artificial Christmas tree 
20 meters high 
большие уличные елки большие уличные елки большие уличные елки большие уличные елки

Large street trees frame

Large street trees frameproved the most reliable option for Christmas trees. The structure of this type is different from the trees barrel that is used instead of the pipe metal frame in the form of a cone, which is inserted into a branch of pine needles of equal length. Christmas artificial Christmas trees are made according to the number of the working draft RP 675: 2010 Project trees are made so that they are not affected by gusts of wind, frost, fire. Street trees from the company on request Yalynka TM can be provided with toys, tops, lighting, vandal-proof decorative fence.

More street tree in 
city ​​of Vinnitsa, 
height of 14 meters
Tree on the central 
Square in the city of Melitopol, 
height of 14 meters
City ​​of Odessa 
gained more street tree 
height 15 meters
Large tree in 
Baku, Azerbaijan
height of 28 meters
большие уличные елки большие уличные елки большие уличные елки большие уличные елки
In Donetsk, was  
mounted skeleton tree
height of 18 meters
Christmas Tree in the city 
Hartsyzsk height of 10 meters 
 Artificial Tree in  
the city of Kiev, the height of 40 meters
Tree from the manufacturer,  
Pervomais'k city,
height of 18 meters
большие уличные елки большие уличные елки большие уличные елки большие уличные елки
All know is hard to imagine the New Year without a main attribute - great street trees. According to official data, each year, in the season in Ukraine are cut down millions of young pine trees, and fir trees. Yet hundreds of thousands of trees, saw off the tops. Such a number of forest plantations could be a big forest. Many modern countries have already abandoned the destruction of living trees, and took the side of quality artificial Christmas trees. Thanks to the special design Christmas trees from producer unusually strong and persistent. Tall artificial Christmas trees TM Yalynka designed based nature of any loads, but it does not need to be fixed on the surface, but only prigruzami heavy materials, so it is very important installation, performed by professionals of our company. We offer street tree height from 3 m to 120 m. The design trees divided into two types: the barrel and frame Christmas tree. Production of trees are concentrated in the Ternopil region, is already there, they receive the title of "Main Town Tree." Christmas tree can be used to celebrate the New Year for 5 years. We guarantee that your green beauty in the town square will be a holiday decoration. From the diversity of our production trees from 3 to 120m, large street trees will be exactly as you would like to see them and be sure to suit your liking.