Artificial Christmas trees: mounting and dismounting
Installing tree city Svitlovodsk

Having purchased the Christmas tree you need to install it. The Christmas tree installation is that much important stage in the Christmas holidays preparation as the purchase of the Christmas tree. Our giant artificial Christmas trees are stable and reliable but a great role in this plays the professional installation. Therefore, our company is ready to take over all the trouble on mounting, dismounting, decoration and de-decoration. We offer professional giant Christmas tree installation performed by specially trained and experienced professionals and ensure you in the correctness and reliability of work. Having entrusted the Christmas tree installation process to our company you can be sure that the work would be performed at the highest level with following all the safety regulations. We guarantee that the giant Christmas tree installed by our specialists would withstand all the holidays.
The delivery of the Christmas tree to the place of installation, the work of specialists, special equipment and other high-rise equipment is included to the mounting services.
Our partners are reliable companies that perform the freight transportation. They are happy to deliver your order to any part of Ukraine in three days. All the giant Christmas trees over 10 m. are delivered by the transport of our company "VIP yalynka ".
We also do the dismounting works of the giant artificial Christmas trees. It is very important to disassemble the sceleton in the right way, to dry up a little and then to put in the correct sequence the branches and other parts of the tree into the proper cardboard boxes so as in the next year to install it again on the central square of your city.
Mounting process in Baku (Azerbaijan)
Installing tree Dnepropetrovsk
 Artificial Christmas Tree: Execution and deoformlenie
For the successful Christmas holidays celebration you need a bright and luxuriously decorated Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees have correct shapes and sizes so they look very nice but also they have to be exquisitely decorated to become the main Christmas decoration of the city. Sometimes beautiful Christmas tree may be spoiled by tasteless decoration. That’s why it is very important to decorate Christmas tree in the right way, complete and highlight its beauty. Christmas tree decoration is a creative process where you can show your imagination adorning the Christmas tree exclusively. You have to combine harmoniously all the elements of Christmas tree decoration, add enough decorations but not overdo with them. The experienced designers of «VIP Yalynka" company can help you effectively express your ideas and imagination, decorate a Christmas tree in the best way that it will surprise and make happy all the residents and visitors of your city during the Christmas holidays.
The extraordinary combination of lush artificial Christmas tree with colorful tinsel, plastic and leather Christmas toys and Christmas LED garlands shimmering will plunge you into the carefree world without vapidity. Our specialists have a great experience in Christmas tree decoration of central city squares of Ukraine and abroad, so we will help you to create a real atmosphere of joy and celebration.
We also perform the de-decoration of the giant artificial Christmas trees.